On Saturday night Real Madrid won in passion against their formal rivals Atletico Madrid. This victory gave an extra motivational boost for the Spaniards. They are third and only three points behind Atletico in league table.

Photo credit: marca.com

The game started under Blanco’s control and already on 15th minute Casemiro outjumps the defence inside the six-yard box to meet the corner kick and scores with a great header into the bottom right corner. The goalkeeper had no chance to react. Real had the ball for the whole first half and didn’t let Atletico to shoot even once.

Second half was even, both sides had their moments. Real equalized on 63th minute when Daniel Carvajal fires a rebound from mid-range onto the right post and it bounced from Jan Oblak’s back and got into the net. On 81th minute Thibaut Courtouis made an impressive same when Saul  headed the ball towards goal.

Overall, Los Blancos did’t let Atletico control the game, everybody turned up and as a result —  a clean sheet and a positive result in a must win derby

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