On the 19th of January Chelsea lost to Leicester 2 to 0 at King Power Stadium. Before the game there was some much pressure on Frank Lampard’s shoulders but “The Blues” completely bottle it. With goals by Wilfred Ndidi and James Maddison, Leicester are on top of the league whereas Chelsea are 8th. On January 27th Chelsea will face Wolverhampton at home. Is it going to be under the new manager or the board will give Frank time until the end of the season. Chelsea stats for this season:

After the 11 legs, Chelsea were 2 points from the top of the league but now the situation changed drastically.

Personally, I think that for Frank it’s really difficult to build a picture in the team. A lot of new players came to the club last summer and managers always need time to think about the new tactics, new comers should have built the chemistry with the team. It usually could take a season or even two. 

Chelsea spend around 200 million euros on transfers.

Another important topic that’s bother Chelsea’s supporters is Timo Werner. German striker can’t score in 11 straight Premier League games. Kai Havertz doesn’t exceed the expectations (he was the most expensive purchase in the summer transfer window). Eduardo Mendy started well with 5 clean sheets in first 5 games, now he has only 2 in last 5 games.

The questions need to be asked to the manager and the board. The headquarters are «going insane» with the current situation and already planning to sack the man.

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