Rory MciLroy, a golfer from Northern Ireland, whom people haven’t seen in the European tournaments for some time, is back and leading after the third round in Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship. In the first round, the best for Rory so far, he hit a bogey-free, eight-under-par, with a total score of 64. In the second round, the number six in world ranking hit one-double-bogey, three-bogey, five under-par, with a total score of 72. In Rory’s third round, he hit one-double-bogey, two-bogey, five-under-par and one-eagle, with a total score of 67. The Irishman sits with -13,one point behind the English Tyrrell Hatton (9th in the world ranking).

Photo Credits: Gulf News

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, Rory won his last tournament in 2019 which was WGC-HSBC Champions with a total score of 269, only two points behind Louis Oosthuizen. He has been training very intensively for this event and doesn’t want to miss his chance. «It’s been more than a year since I’ve won, I haven’t won since China” — Rory said in an interview. He is hungry and motivated for winning this year and has only one round left to play.

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The leaderboard looks very packed. The chasers of Rory are two English players:Tyrrell Hatton and Tommy Fleetwood (19th in world ranking). Tyrrell’s best round was the first one, the same as Rory’s, with a total score of 65. Whereas Tommy played the second and third rounds as his bets with a total score of 67 in both. Last year’s winner Lee Westwood, ranking 37 in the world,is sitting with +1. This year’s competition looks very intense, and even after three rounds it’s hard to predict who will win the championship. Still, Rory is a more distinguished player of the European tour than Tommy and Tyrrell, and that is why he is more expected to win. In any case, the prize pool is eight million dollars and everybody is waiting for strong performances from the top players.

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In fact, as of last year, Rory MciLroy earned the most amount of prize money in the European tour (more than 39 million euros). This makes sense because he was named the golfer of the year in 2012, 2014, and 2015. However, Rory hasn’t been that successful in the past five years and is now trying to get his title back. 

Photo Credits: Par4Media

Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship has been part of the European Tour since 2006. Back then it was one of the three European Tour events held in the Arabian Peninsula but now there are six of such events. In 2019 Abu Dhabi Golf Championship became part of the Rolex Series, which increased its status and the prize fund

Photo credits: Gulf News

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