Real Madrid lost to CSKA Moscow 89-96 on Thursday night at Wizing Center. This defeat made the home side with 32 points in active and 7th in the table.

Game started in CSKA favor, after 2 minutes of the first quarter the score was 5-10 to Moscow, Tornike Shengelia was on point and scored every three pointers in the first half. The important three points scored Gabriel Deck just 2 minutes 35 seconds until the end of first quarter. It made the score 15-16 to CSKA. Overall, the first quarter went to CSKA with a last-second free throw.

First part of the second quarter was very intense and at some point Real Madrid were losing 26-27 and 28-29. But the final score before the half-time was 41-55, +14 that was the lead of CSKA Moscow, all thanks to outstanding performances by Will Clyburn, who scored 23 points in total, and Mike James with 22 points.

 In the 3rd quarter CSKA was trying to keep the advantage. At some point the score was 43-63, +20 lead to the Itoudis’s side. Time has gone almost to the end in the 3rd  and if Trey Tompkins didn’t step up for Real Madrid, the breakaway would be even bigger, Trey scored 20 points in total for the game. Real Madrid cut the distance for 7 points after the 3rd quarter.

For Real Madrid fans the main question was: could their team get closer in the last quarter? The answer is: they almost did it. In the first seconds the score was 69-74, the gap is getting closer and closer. In the matter of 2 minutes CSKA restored their advantage, it was +13 points (70-83). I can’t also mention the performances of such Real’s players like Jaycee Caroll with 17 points and Fabien Causeur with 14 points. In the last 2 minutes of the game Real Madrid didn’t let CSKA go in the lead more than 10 points.  

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No lead for Real Madrid during the whole match.

During the whole game Real Madrid wasn’t in the lead not only once. They had 2 chances in the first quarter: on the 8th minute the score was 19-19 and 10-20 seconds later 21-21.

The defense weakness and feeling to be always behind.  

During the game Real Madrid defense was shaky. Spaniard’s gave too much space to CSKA and the biggest gap was +20 points. Real Madrid players were always fighting but they had a feeling of being behind.

Come back stronger.  

This defeat made the situation to qualify even more difficult. The head coach Laso wants to win the next games. In the Euroleague campaign there are only 4 games.  

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