The clash between Liverpool and Chelsea on Thursday meant a lot for both sides: it was a game for six points. Both Tuchel and Klopp are ex-managers of Borussia Dortmund, and this time Thomas Tuchel completely outplayed Jurgen Klopp. Also, football wouldn’t be football without questionable decisions of the referees and VAR. So, how did Chelsea win Liverpool and did VAR rob the Scousers? 

The first half of the match passed at Chelsea’s bidding. From the first minute, the Blues were constantly in possession of the ball and didn’t let Liverpool create any chances. And as a result of this dominance, Timo Werner scored at the 24th minute, but the goal was disallowed because of an offside. However, eighteen minutes later Chelsea finally got their well-deserved goal: a piece of amazing solo skills by Mason Mount that put Chelsea in the lead. 

The Second half was marked with a single handball by N’golo Kante. But even some Chelsea fans admitted that the Blues got lucky there. In general, Liverpool did have some chances to score, but overall Chelsea controlled the game from start to finish and personally I believe that VAR did horribly in this game.

This win made Thomas Tuchel’s side 4th in the league with 47 points. Since the ex-PSG manager joined Chelsea, the Blues have been on a winning streak: they haven’t lost a single game (7 wins, 3 draws): it’s evident that Tuchel has much more experience than Frank Lampard. Coming up to this game, Tuchel’s side were super motivated because it was one of the decisive games for the spot in top four. 

However, Liverpool’s situation is much worse: Jurgen Klopp’s side lost five home games in a row and haven’t been able to score a goal at Anfield for ten hours in total. Liverpool are still in the Champions League playoffs, but by the end of the league they might not play in Europe next season — that’s the most disappointing point for such a big club. 

Next game for Chelsea is going to be against a tough opponent – Everton, on the 8th of March. There are eleven matches more to play and each game is paramount for Chelsea if they want to play Champions League football next season.     

Photo credit: marca.com

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