Nuno Espirito Santo journey with Wolverhampton

Nuno Espirito Santo announced that he would resign from the position of Wolverhampton manager at the end of the season. Without a doubt, he did an amazing job at this club. Nuno arrived at Wolves 4 years ago in 2017 and helped them win the Championship title in his first season, scoring 99 points, finishing 5 points clear of second-placed Cardiff. In one of the interviews he said: “We achieved our goals, we did it with passion and we did it together. Since the first day we arrived at Compton (training ground), our ambition was to make a positive change and push this football club forward. I am proud to say that we did that every single day. This Sunday (it’s the last game for him, against Manchester United) will be a very emotional day but I am so happy that the fans will be back in Molineux and we can share one last special moment together, as one pack.” (source: Wolves: Nuno Espirito Santo to leave after four years as manager)  

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During the transfer campaign before the 2017/18 season, Wolves brought some quality players to the team: Ruben Neves from Porto, Diogo Jota from Atletico Madrid. These transfers made a huge impact on the team’s performance. Wolves finished 7th in the Premier League in the following two seasons (2017/18 and 2018/19). Nuno’s side went on to win their Europa League qualifiers to secure a place in the group stage — and a return to European football for the first time in 39 years. In the past 60 years,Wolves have only finished above their present 12th spot in the top flight on 7 occasions – and two of them were the past two seasons under Nuno. 

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But the main question is: what made the headquarters sack Nuno, even though in September 2020 he signed a three-year contract extension until 2023? Well, COVID-19 hit hard on Wolves and it has been clear all season Nuno has not found it easy working during the pandemic, trying to find answers to unexpected problems on the pitch while being away from his family. And I think it was his inability to cope with the crisis that got him fired in the end. 

For everyone Nuno’s departure was a complete shock. His last game (which also happens to be the final game of the season), as I mentioned above, will be against Manchester United at home on May 23rd.

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