Red Bull Bc One 2021 Gdansk World Final

16 B-boys and B-girls from around the world will be competing one on one at the biggest and most prestigious breaking competition in the world in Gdansk, Poland on November 5 and 6. During the year, thousands of dancers have been participating in cyphers of their countries, fighting for the spot at the world final. This year it’s going to be the eighteenth edition of Red Bull Bc One World Finals. 

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Last year, the 2020 edition of Red Bull Bc One World final, took place under very unique circumstances. Because of the pandemic, the qualification cyphers that are normally held in more than 30 countries, were cancelled. The World Final itself moved to Salzburg, Austria. The format was very unusual for such competition: there was no live audience, but fans were able to see the live-stream. 

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Good news is that worldwide cyphers are back and already held in such countries as Poland, Italy, Taiwan, South Africa. And 4 more countries (Austria, Belgium, France and Russia) are planned to still host the qualifications this year. Since the pandemic started, the organizers came up with such events as Red Bull Bc One E-battle, an online one on one competition. This year’s winner of E-battle will get an all expenses paid trip to the world final and a chance to earn a spot in the world finals line-up. 

The World Final will be held for two days, one for B-boys and one for B-girls, who  for the first time since their debut at the event in 2018, will have a full line-up of all 16 of the female breakers in Poland.

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It’s important to mention last year’s 17th edition’s champions. First, Japan’s B-boy Shigekix (Shigeyuki Nakarai) who became the youngest ever winner of the Red Bull Bc One World Finals, at the age of 19. Also, Russia’s B-girl Kastet (Natasha Kiliachikhina) wrote her name in the history books as she became the first breaker ever to successfully defend her title: earlier she got her first win in 2019 in Mumbai. 

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Every year, Red Bull Bc One proves to be one of the most exhilarating events to watch. And the 2021 18th edition promises to be exciting and entertaining. If there are any breaking fans reading my blog, be sure not to miss it.  

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