Harry Kane’s Tottenham career in numbers

English striker Harry Kane is on the edge of leaving Spurs, after spending 8 seasons there. While he was in Tottenham, Harry won a couple of individual trophies such as Premier League Golden Boot in seasons 2015/16 (25 goals) and 2016/17 (goals), becoming one of the most consistent strikers in the Premier League. However, for him individual trophies are not enough, as for all players, and Tottenham is infamous for not winning titles. The last major trophy that they got was The League Cup in the 1998/99 season, which means that Spurs have gone 22 years without winning anything significant – could you imagine that? 

Photo credit: lastwordonsports.com

But where did Harry start his career? Harry Kane began playing football at the age of 6 in the local club Ridgeway Rovers in 1999 before joining Arsenal’s youth academy at the age of 8. Later he decided to return to his original team, but a fateful moment happened in 2004 when Harry joined Warford academy, where he was noticed by Tottenham’s scouts. And there, managers and coaches used Harry’s talent and turned him into one of the best strikers in the world. It was clear from the beginning when he was playing in the Under-16 and Under-18 that he would build an incredible international career when he joined the senior side. 

Then followed several years of loans to other teams which really helped Harry to boost his confidence. In 2011 Kane was first loaned to Leyton Orient where he made his professional debut against Rochdale. He finished the 2010/11 season with 5 goals in 18 matches. Later after Harry’s successful loans to Millwall, Norwich and Leicester, he cemented his spot at Spurt first team in the 2014/15 season. And rightly so: that year was very lucky for Kane, as he was even included in the PFA team as well as was named the PFA player of the year. Harry was also the division’s top scorer with 21 goals and also one of the best strikers of English international squad.

Photo credit: talksport.com

After the game against Aston Villa on 19th of May 2021 he said goodbye to all the fans that attended. Kane decided to leave the club because he obviously wants a new challenge and to win some trophies. In any case, Tottenham was lucky to have him all these years: without him they probably wouldn’t even get a top 4 on the regular basis. 

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