Cori Gauff – a 17-year-old future star

On May 22nd a 17-year-old American Cori Gauff won WTA (Women’s Tennis Association) Masters in Parma. It was her 2nd ever title, with the first one being in WTA singles at the 2019 Linz Open when she was just 15, which is unbelievable. 

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Cori’s journey in Parma started against Kaia Kanepi in the 16th round (2-0, both sets in tiebreaks: 7-6,7-6). Her next opponent was Camila Giorgi, whom Cori also beat relatively easily 2-0 (6-2,6-3). In the quarter-finals Cori defeated Amanda Anisimova 2-0 (6-3,6-3). Semi-finals was the hardest match in the tournament for the young star: she faced Katerina Siniakova and overpowered her 2-1 (7-5,1-6,6-2). And the final game turned out to be a walk in the park for the young prodigy: her opponent Quiang Wang stood no chance and lost 0-2 (1-6, 3-6).

WTA currently ranks Cori 25th best female tennis player and first in the youth rating. Personally, I think that she is successfully following her calling, somebody even named her “Second Serena Williams” (especially after Cori beat Vinus Williams in 2020). Imagine earning 1.3 million dollars in overall prize money at the age of 17 – just hearing about it can make you lose your mind, let alone actually getting that kind of recognition. 

Without a doubt, Cori’s tennis career has a big bright future in store for her. I am sure that soon we will see how Cori will become the first racket in the world.  

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